This is an Online Membership Community for Property Investors who crave honest, realistic, personal property investment advice


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Introducing NC Real Estates Members Club

The place for Landlords and Property Investors to build a profitable property portfolio that aligns with their goals.

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It’s the ONLY place

where you can get property investment mentorship from a chartered surveyor,

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Plus unlimited education

on property investment strategy which covers both commercial and residential property

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All for less than £5 per day

Yes, not even the price of your morning coffee

Every single month you will get:

  • Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • Guest experts
  • Monthly Masterclass with a brand new strategy
  • Unlimited Email Support

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Paul Percival

I have been an active member of NC Real Estates Members Club for 15 months and have thoroughly enjoyed every day,

As you will know there are many property networking groups of varying sizes to choose from, you will find some want you to spend a fortune on courses and seminars which is not for me.

I find that this group to be the perfect fit for me. it's just the right size in my humble opinion. Natasha really cares about all of her members and nothing is ever to much trouble, and has an excellent knowledge base never short of insightful answers.

For a small monthly fee, I find it's an invaluable source of help and information which has enabled me to progress with my property journey with so much more confidence making my profits leap up by 22k per annum to date without taking into account any capital gains we have achieved along the way.

Give it a try as you will find you have little to lose and so much to gain both personally and professionally.
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Sharon Griffiths

I have been an active member of NC real estate since June 2017 and not only have I learnt a lot but each time I learn something new, a new perspective is experienced, whether it be directly from Natasha or other club members.
I have remained in this club for nearly three years because for what I do, it continues to meet my needs and always exceeds expectations.
Natasha’s unique experiences from a range of strategies and continued practice in the sector in the range of roles she plays and the various and wide ranging professional contacts she has and networks she is part of consistently increases her knowledge, experience and is not only able to respond to queries or problems I encounter but also other club members and this is invaluable in its effects of learning and expertise for myself and other members.
Natasha clearly cares about all of her members and will always go her best to help each and every person, whilst also pragmatically and positively managing expectations
For a small monthly fee, what is offered is incredible value for money.

While you wait for the doors to open, organise your property portfolio....

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