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1:1 Mentorship

So that you've got a surveyor on hand to talk to when you need ask a question or pointing in the next best direction.

Monthly Packages

New strategies to boost your property portfolio performance and income every single month.

Members Community

Double down on your success by asking questions, sharing ideas and receiving help and support.


Focused around the monthly topics so that you can bring your questions and drill down on smart actions to take so that you can increase your wins.

" I took some time before I joined sitting on the fence wondering if this group was for me, thinking my money could be better spent elsewhere. however after being an active member since February, I have been pleasantly surprised with the professional help and guidance given by Natasha with my many issues including a commercial purchase. but what shines out the most is the honesty and sincerity given by all with no in house sales or commission, leaving just a nice safe and happy place to discuss our own personal property issues. I would have no hesitation in recommending this group, whether a beginner buying your first flat, or a experienced investor with multiple properties, there is much we can learn from people who have done this many times before who are keen to share their knowledge. It's also worth remembering it's fully tax deductible, and if you find it's not for you, I hear it's easy to slip out with no fuss."

Paul Percival

"The highlights of my week have been 1) seeing the flat (it’s a new build and on its 2nd fix) I’m buying for Serviced Accommodation and visualising what I’ll be doing with it furniture/decor wise and 2) just having had an honest and open 1:1 with Natasha who has put all my this years learnings and mistakes into perspective (has been tumultuous and sometimes lonely) , I feel really positive for my future in property investing"

Bren Parkins-Knight

"I’ve found the members club to be extremely helpful with my property journey and now I couldn’t live with out it.  Natasha’s videos and uploads are very informative with the right amount of help and guidance to keep me moving forward.  With Natasha’s help I’m projecting I can reach all my property goals within one year of being part of the members club."

David Clements

"Great tips and discussion. Natasha clearly explained some strategies and how to go about them, exceeded my expectations!"

Qasim Awan

"I have been speaking with Natasha for a few weeks now and the advice she has given has been amazing! If you are new to property, in need of some motivation or need someone to hold you accountable then speak to NC!!"

Brad Philips

"What I've observed about Natasha is her incredible commitment to, and engagement with, her clients and students. She gives one hundred and ten percent. She is conscientious and caring. Courage coupled with humility and kindness are the qualities of a great leader. Enthusiasm is a quality that radiates from everything she does. She is someone who will come up with the goods on every occasion."

Keith Reed

"I’m a first time Landlord and the Members Club has been a great source of guidance and advice on how to do it right!"

Paul King

Here's what some of our Members have achieved so far!

I Get You,

You want to build a legacy for your children and be an inspiration. You want to hit the road, travel, support charities, help others... All the while looking after your properties.


  • You’re the type of property investor who hand plants the garden, puts a bike in the shed
  • You hand deliver documents to your tenants and provide wine and chocolates at move in
  • The minute your tenant calls you arrange a handyman to be there at any cost
  • You love life-long learning, devouring all books, trainings, webinars on property investment
  • Wellbeing is your goal. You are motivated by inspirational quotes
  • You ALWAYS go the extra mile
  • You are the perfect landlord, you make the industry look good! 



  • You aren’t making a monthly profit
  • You have no idea where to invest next or how you are going to raise the deposit
  • What’s worse is that too much learning has left you confused on what to do next
  • You feel isolated on your property investment journey, with no one to turn to who can help you make your next move
  • You’re tired of being on call all the time, of constantly hustling to make your properties work
  • You want someone to help you, be there to support whenever you are stuck!

I have the solution...

It hit me in August 2016, whilst transferring £33,225 quarterly profit to my client who owned a 19 unit residential block in Earls Court. And listening to Jeremy Vine hating on landlords offering sub-standard accommodation for huge rents.  

This was my only purely residential client. I was managing a portfolio of £500 million properties in South West London. All my other clients had either commercial or mixed-use properties.   

I’d used my commercial knowledge to negotiate landlord friendly tenancies, set-up a watertight maintenance and health and safety plan, and each room was always at hotel standard and getting a high rent.   

Using the rental income, I redeveloped the ground and basement into three large 2 bedroom flats.

36 months later, after going through planning and development the profit rent was now £33,225 per quarter.  

My client now had the money to go and buy more property whenever they liked. 

In Fact...

I’d also used this strategy to build my own property portfolio. Except,

I’d learnt to raise money through joint venturing with investors…

exactly what my commercial clients were doing.  

At 27, I was creating the same income from my property portfolio as I was being a surveyor.

The Members Club

 I took those strategies and turned them into packages of easy to digest information.

In 1 hour a month Property Investors, exactly like you, can follow the step-by-step action plan to build multiple income streams from your properties.

Which means you can build your pension pot and a legacy to leave your children.


  • Mentorship from a surveyor so that you’ve always got someone to talk to when you get stuck 
  • Workshops and checklists to efficiently manage your property investments
  • Done for you strategies so you always know what to buy next and where

Meaning that you can continue investing and run your properties from wherever you are in the world, all in your own time.

This is available to you right now, via the Members Club.


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